Another blast-from-the-past write up…

My love of jerky led to the next generation of meat curing devices – the smoker.

This device is made from:

  • a teracotta plant pot
  • a plant pot base (as a lid)
  • the element out of an old stove
  • one of the controls off an old stove
  • an old electrical cord
  • a cake rack
  • an old frying pan

Wire up the power cord, stove control and element.  The element sits in the bottom of the plant pot with the wires coming out of the hole in the bottom.

Remove the handle off your old frying pan (its diameter has to be small enough to fit in your pot!).  Soak your smoking chips (available at the hardware store) in the pan for 10 or so minutes.  Dry chips burn, but wet ones smoulder better.  Drain the water off and place the pan and chips in the pot on top of the stove element.

Cut the cake rack so that it fits inside the pot.  Hang it from the rim of the pot using some copper hooks made out of solid core power cable.  Bung your goods for smoking on the rack.

Throw the lid on.  I monitor my temperatures using a thermocouple connected to a multimeter.  Adjusting the stove control is an effective way to control the temperature of the smoker.  You can either hot-smoke or cold-smoke using this device.

Here are some liverwurst I smoked for a friend…


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