Fridge (ULCBP)

A key element to the ULCBP is temperature control during fermentation.  This will allow the use of tastier yeasts (rather than strains produced for their robustness), control the production of desirable and undesirable by-products, guard against unpredictable weather and facilitate more advanced brew techniques like lagering.

The way that this is to be achieved is through the use of a domestic fridge large enough to house the fermenter and to control its temperature with a digital thermostat.

I found a 370L fridge on Gumtree being given away for free.  It’s old-ish, but apparently still works fine.  Tom kindly offered his assistance and the work ute to move it.

Considering a new fridge of the same size sells for $680 – the project is staying true to its low-cost roots.

Spend so far: $0

Savings so far: $720


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