Hot Water Urn (ULCBP)

Well, well… wonders will never cease… some things just land in your lap.

Apparently some businesses’ OH&S assessments determine that the hot water urns that people have been using for decades in tea rooms and conference areas in offices all over the country are actually society’s silent menace.  With a non-fastening lid these seemingly benign looking devices are lurking on the buffet table waiting to unleash scalding fury all over unsuspecting employees!

Great news for the ULCBP: 20L hot water urn? Freebie!

The only question is, will 20L be enough capacity?  For single batches probably, and if not the boiling kettle will have to do double duty.  I will almost certainly need to heat for the mash-in and then refill and reheat for the sparge water.  In order to cater for this and minimise heating times, the urn is now sporting a stylish blue insulating jacket made from an old camping bed roll and shoelaces with truckie’s hitches.

My hot water urn: $0.

Retail cost: $260.

Project spend so far: $55.

Project savings so far: $1225.


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