Gem Scale (ULCBP)

Thanks to a sneaky $10 Ebay purchase hopefully the ULCBP is going to usher in a new era of accuracy, reliability and repeatability.

The first brew that came out of the ULCBP was an English bitter – ended up being a most phenomenally bitter bitter!  Clearly the ‘handful’ measurement of Super Alpha bittering hops leaves something to be desired.

The second brew to come out of the Project is a lovely roasted stout.  I’m very pleased with this one, but can I recreate it or improve on it?  No – none of the hops additions were measured with any sort of accuracy.

This I see as a huge problem.  If the Project is to produce beer recipes that can be remade and improved upon, I need far better control over what is actually going in.  I’m pleased with the measurements going on at all other stages in the process, but I have not had the capacity to reliably measure out small quantities of hops (say in the 15-50 gram range).

Until now that is.

Combine this with a nice new brew journal, and tasty beers await!


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