Star San (ULCBP)

The latest goodie has arrived for the ULCBP, not a necessity but something that promises to make life much easier.  Star San.

This foaming sanitiser from Five Star Chemicals cleans on contact, even just with the foam.  You need very little of it to get the job done (30mL/5L) , so a $20 half-Litre bottle lasts a good while.  But the best news is that it is a no rinse sanitiser, meaning that unlike other options you don’t have to spend time rinsing and rinsing.

Until now I have been using household bleach at a ratio of 150mL/20L.  The amount of rinsing that I have to do to get the bleach smell out of the fermenter is quite a lot – and a fermenter not being a small thing, the amount of weight having to shake around to do it is unpleasant on my back!

The plan is that Star San will turn this into an easy 5min operation.  Dose, shake, pour out, brew on!

I think I’ll still go with bleach in the laundry sink for bottle cleaning however.  It only seems to take one sink full of fresh water to rinse them of any bleach odour – possibly this discrepancy exists because the bottles are all glass and the fermenter is plastic.  Either way, the bottle process I can live with for the time being.


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