3-Tier Brew Stand [Pt1] – Design (ULCBP)

My brewing equipment is working like an absolute charm.  What isn’t so convenient is that I’m working off one small collapsible workbench and a handful of strategically placed milk crates.  This means that things tend to be pretty cramped and balanced fairly e (which isn’t great in the case of the water urn – 20L of boiling water!), and every time I finish one stage I need to rearrange everything for the next.

The boiling kettle gets heated on the ground balanced on stacks of house bricks.  The mongolian puts out a fair amount of heat and it’s only a matter of time before either a brick shatters or the whole lot topples over.  Again, this is up to 40L of boiling sugary liquid forming a tsunami of third degree burns.  Once the boil is over I have to man-handle the full kettle onto my workbench before it cools so that I can decant the wort into jerry cans.

The solution for addressing all these issues is a brew stand, where every piece of equipment has its place and each can gravity feed into the next.  No heavy lifting and a stable, fixed place for everything.

So far I have whipped up a quick paper design and headed off to the steel merchants for some stock.  A quick side note: Edcon Steel in Brookvale do square hollow section (SHS) for one quarter the price that Bunnings wants – just showing how expensive a standard hardware store is for basic materials.

Next step is to cut my bill of materials…


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