HLT Upgrade – High Flow Outlet

As great as my electric water urn Hot Liquor Tank (HLT) has been, it has always had a slightly leaky tap.  This was never a really massive issue but, seeing as the tap was quite slow to drain water, I did see it as an opportunity to drive some further performance gains from the tank.

I’ve now installed a 1/2″ ball valve in place of the old tap (see comparison photos below).  It provides the following benefits:

  1. No longer have to hold the tap down the entire time – just set and forget
  2. Can set the flow rate easily
  3. Much higher max flow rate – I estimate triple what I had before, meaning less temperature loss waiting for the mashtun to fill
  4. No leaks
  5. The ability to attach things to the end of it – like a sparging device

I also took the time to calibrate the sight glass.  Now it sports 3L increments all the way up to the 18L mark.

Cost: $22


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