3-Tier Brew Stand [Pt4] – Completion (ULCPB)

Yesterday I decided that enough was enough and it was time for the brew stand to be finished.  We’ll perhaps not finished (is anything ever finished?), but at least catapult it forward into a usable state.

I found some powder coated steel shelving outside a house, which the owner told me was trash.  They were the perfect thing for making the various work surfaces and bracing key parts of the stand.  The lips even stop things like the plastic mash tun from sliding around too much, and the perforations will be useful in preventing water pooling.

I added some galvanised sheet steel to create a firewall to hopefully prevent rising hot air from the Mongolian burner from reaching the plastic mash tun and melting it into a slick.  I also added some small side skirts to keep the tap of the boiling kettle out of the line of fire.

Lastly the Mongolian burner itself got mounted using a slidable frame and some threaded rod it is now conveniently height adjustable.  The burner was fired up and nothing melted or burnt to the ground.

With things like my spare grain stored on the bottom shelf it all seems pretty stable.  I don’t like the idea of the HLT descending on me!

I’m looking forward to getting my first brew on where I don’t have to lift a thing all day.



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