Crankandstein Mill

The latest addition to the ULCBP is a grain mill.  Although the brewshop will crack grain for you, there are clear advantages to cracking it yourself.

  • cracked grain deteriorates, whereas uncracked grain lasts for a year
  • longer lasting grain means you can buy more of it – 25kg sacks of grain are 1/6th the per kilo price
  • larger quantities of grain increase the likelihood of a grainsharing arrangement with brew-mates
  • keeping a supply of grains reduces the need to constantly drive to the brewshop
  • the husks are important in forming the grain-bed and storing cracked grain inevitably settles the constituent parts out into density

With the Aussie dollar looking so good I decided to take an opportunity to buy a mill from the USA while a friend was on holiday over there.  (Sorry Russ for the luggage allowance abuse!)

I selected the Crankandstein 2D Mill.  Its stand-out feature is detented adjusters for roller gap.  This means that it’s easy to keep the rollers parallel and return to factory setting when desired.

Of course this mill only comes bare-bones so you have to make all the rest of the mill, hopper, etc around the rollers!  Stay tuned…

4 Responses to Crankandstein Mill

  1. Derek says:

    Hi, have you posted the plans for the grain mill?

  2. Derek says:

    Sorry. Meant to say ‘plans for the hopper’.

  3. philw4rd says:

    Hi Derek,
    Yeah I did mean to produce some plans (and probably will when the stars align!) I do, however, have a later post ( which has a google sketchup rendering of how I did it. You could probably get everything you need to know off that, seeing as depending on what mill you have some of your dimensions are going to be slightly different anyway. Perhaps I should just make the sketchup file downloadable… 😉

    • Derek says:

      Cool, thanks. I’ve got the 2d too. I had a crack at the hopper last weekend. It’s not as pretty as yours but it works! Thanks for all you beer posts – really great.

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