Ghetto Hop Scales

So you’ve bought yourself some awesomely cheap electronic scales from ebay.  But what about when someone pours a beer on them, they run out of batteries or just stop working?

The answer: you only find out when you desperately need them!  And usually this is when you already have your sparge done and you’re on the boil.  Or worse still when you’re halfway through your hop additions!

My quick and dirty solution?  A jerry-rigged balance scale made out of a steel ruler, a pencil, two egg cups and a cough medicine measure…

Place the ruler on the pencil and an egg cup on either end.  Move the pencil until they balance.  Measure the weight of hops you want with the medicine measure (in my case 7mL = 7g).  Pour it in one egg cup.  Carefully add hop pellets one at a time to the other until the water cup rises.  Bingo 7g worth of hops! (well, as close as we’re ever going to get at short notice)


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