Brew Book

The other day I got my hands on Ashton Lewis’s The Home Brewer’s Answer Book.

This excellent resource has been compiled from 11 years answering the questions column in Brew Your Own magazine.  A real brick of a book, it comprehensively covers the full cycle of brewing over its 400+ pages.  The features that I think make it a great resource:

  • It’s accessible enough for beginners, yet is unashamed to go right into the meat of the chemistry of what is going on, does not shy away from the intricacies.  Not a coffee-table book.
  • It’s American by origin, yet metric units are fully catered for.
  • Like BYO mag, it’s aimed square at all-grain, rather than fixating on extracts.
  • It’s incredibly cheap (US$15).

I’ve been at it for an evening and a morning and already knocked off 150 pages.  Highly recommended for filling in all those knowledge gaps.  So much of brew-knowledge (especially internet forums) is all entirely conjecture and anecdotal evidence – it’s nice to actually get some information from someone who has studied the science behind the process and actually knows what they’re talking about.


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