March Pump

A month ago I hinted at the acquisition of a pump for the brewery – so here’s a few details about it.

So what will the pump allow me to do?  Well fundamentally it means that I will no longer have to rely on gravity to move all my liquids around.  Not only will I be able to transfer these liquids up-hill as well as down, it will also be able to transfer them at greater pressures.  The knock on benefits include: being able to shrink the brew stand to a diminuative 2-tier setup, speed up transfer times and embrace new brewing techniques like step mashes.

The pump that I selected is a March 815PLC magnetic drive pump.  Magnetic drive means that the impeller of the pump is not directly connected to the motor by a driveshaft.  This leads to some key benefits: the pump head where the liquids are can never be contaminated by the oily machinery of the drive system, liquids cannot leak into the electrical components and, lastly, you can throttle the flow of liquid without burning out the pump.

The stats for this pump are: max flow of 30L/min and a max head height of 4.1m.  Should be a bit of a beast.

In order to start using the pump a fair bit of work will be required.  I will need to create a new brew stand, new fittings for each of the vessels, plumbing for all the lines, a sparge rig inside the mash tun and a heat exchanger in the hot liquor tank and, most importantly, I will need to relearn my equipment!  Big changes afoot!


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