Keezer – The Plan

Now that I have moved to kegs, I’ve been running a slight refrigeration issue.  Previously I had been storing my bottled beer in milk crates and refrigerating them in the normal household fridge prior to consumption.  But obviously this is not going to work for kegs – they take up a whole fridge!

I had been using my fermentation fridge to chill kegs and in many respects this is far better than what I was doing with the bottles.  Unlike a household fridge, the fermentation fridge has temperature control – so I could chill them to my preferred serving temperature (an aley 10C) rather than having them at a temperature need to keep the rest of the food fresh.

But this really causes a lot of problems, when I’m serving beers I can’t be fermenting and vice versa.  And now with the highly successful trial of dry-hopping I can see that my fermentation periods are going to increase significantly as I condition beers.  And that potentially puts me on a dry ship – and we can’t have that.

So clearly the solution is a dedicated keg fridge – which will not only give good control over serving temperature, but also allow the kegs to live in there permanently rather than periodically being stored at room temperature.  This will greatly increase the shelf-life of my beers.

It would also be nice to have keg fridge that didn’t require opening every time I wish to pour a beer.  That sounds like draught taps to me…

So my solution is this chest freezer I saw on ebay.  With a top opening lid it should be less leaky than a secondhand bar fridge and therefore more efficient.  It should fit two kegs easily and four with some slight modifications.  More on that to come…!


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