McDonald’s Family Dinner Box Challenge

In 2010 McDonalds brought out a value pack called the Family Dinner Box.  This box included: 2 big macs, 2 cheeseburgers, 4 fries, 4 drinks and 6 nuggets.  John and I had often wondered if it would be possible for one man to eat the whole thing.  John had decided that he was up to the task – he merely had to time his run to favour his chances of success.  One afternoon, after a long day of rock climbing down at Nowra, John announced that the challenge was on!  On the drive back when he felt at his most hungry he would pull into the nearest Maccas and order up.

I caught the proceedings on video and it’s been a minor Youtube hit… (well as much as watching a man over-eat for 9min can ever be)

When asked afterwards what was most difficult about the challenge, John’s insights were: there is an awful lot of bread, the nuggets have to be spread out because they’re confrontingly dense, and all those fries leave a film of slippery salty fat all over every surface of your mouth that simply will not disappear.


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