How to salt air-popped popcorn

Earlier in the week I had a go at making my own microwave popcorn using a brown paper lunch bag.  At the time I mentioned that this technique, while costing well less than 10c a bag, does suffer from one of the key problems of all dry-popped popcorn (such as that made in an air-popper) which is difficulty getting seasoning to stick to the corn.  When cinemas use butter flavouring this goes in with the oil and they use a highly milled salt.  Standard table salt sprinkled over air-popped corn simply falls off.

I’m not entirely sure where you would go to find finely milled salt.  They use it on potato chips, for a similar reason – ease of adherence.  All I know is that it won’t be in your average supermarket aisle.

Not that any of this matters because it turns out that it’s really straightforward to make your own.  A mortar and pestle makes very short work of it all.  I was able to make a couple of teaspoons of fine salt powder in less than a minute of grinding.  (the granite mortar and pestle was $15 for those keeping an eye on costs!  and your curries will thank you for ever more…)

It sticks to popcorn wonderfully well.  Having done this I am honestly baffled at how many endless forums threads there are on how to get flavouring to stick to dry corn.  Everything from oil sprays to specialist chemical suppliers are mentioned – yet this is actually the easiest problem to solve ever!  And you don’t get soggy, oily corn.

One Response to How to salt air-popped popcorn

  1. skowogSa, says:

    I find that you can make “popcorn salt” (you can buy it online), using a cheap coffee grinder. The end product behaves almost like flour and takes just a few seconds to make a ton of it. I find it best to use a cheap grainy sea salt, the cost is less and the grains turn to dust beautifully. I make a lot of it very quickly and just store the extra in a tupperware container.

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