RaspBMC: Samsung remote key codes

In a previous post I detailed the difficulty that I have been experiencing mapping the non-standard key codes implemented by Samsung for my television remote.  In that post I showed how SSH can be used to inspect log files to see what actions are taking place in response to key presses.  While this can be very useful it is not always possible to discover all the key names in order to map them.  So the purpose of this post is to keep a running list of the keys on my remote, whether they are mappable and what their key code is (if I can discover it).  As I find new codes I’ll update the list.

First of all here’s a picture of my remote for reference.  I would seem that plenty of Samsung TV remotes for different models keep the same physical layout but just screen print different labels on the buttons.  If your remote differs from mine only in a minor way it may be worth matching your physical button up with mine and giving the respective code a go.  Certainly on my remote the key codes do not necessarily match the physical label on the button.

So working from left to right, top to bottom I will present each button in the following format: <physical label>,<behaviour>,<key code>…

POWER    tv only  --
TV/DTV   tv only  --
ON/OFF   tv only  --
1        passed   one
2        passed   two
3        passed   three
4        passed   four
5        passed   five
6        passed   six
7        passed   seven 
8        passed   eight
9        passed   nine
-/--     passed   title
0        passed   zero
PRE-CH   ??       ??
+(ch)    passed   pageplus
MUTE     tv only  --
^(vol)   tv only  --
-(ch)    passed   pageminus
SOURCE   tv only  --
v(vol)   tv only  --
GUIDE    passed   guide
MENU     tv only  --
W.LINK   tv only  --
TOOLS    tv only  --
^        passed   up
RETURN   passed   ??
<        passed   left
ENTER    passed   select
>        passed   right
INFO     tv only  --
v        passed   down
EXIT     passed   back
RED      passed   red
GREEN    passed   green
YELLOW   passed   yellow
BLUE     passed   blue
TTX/MIX  tv only  --
P.SIZE   tv only  --
DMA      tv only  --
E.MODE   tv only  --
CHLIST   passed   livetv
SUBT     tv only  --
<<(rew)  passed   reverse
PAUSE    passed   pause
>>(ffwd) passed   forward
REC      ??       ??
PLAY     passed   play
STOP     passed   stop

5 Responses to RaspBMC: Samsung remote key codes

  1. Sam Craymer says:

    –EDIT: Sorry, it didn’t like the tags… here are quotes instead.

    The RaspBMC CEC tag for ‘return’ and ‘pre-ch’ keys is ‘title’ and ‘teletext’ respectively.


  2. Martin Hunderup says:

    pre-ch is teletext on my samsung

  3. LucaTNT says:

    Thank you, your posts saved me a big headache trying to figure everything out on my own!

  4. Alebu says:

    Thank you for your work, it’s been very very helpfull

  5. Logan says:

    Thank you very much. I was going through reboot cycles trying anything without success when I’ve landed on your page.

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