Chillies: the good and the bad

This week saw an excellent harvest of pimientos de padron.  Unlike last fortnight’s effort these chillies are much larger.  Repotting was definitely a good move and many of my plants are looking healthy and productive.  Some are greener than others, but I’m keeping an eye on the yellowier ones to see if I can sort them out.

What’s not good, however, are the three diseased plants that I have (versus the 28 healthy ones).  These plants have unusually thick leathery leaves that have curled significantly.  They look very sickly indeed.

Having done a little search on the internet I have unearthed an absolute multitude of diseases that chillies are prone to.  If you went by what I’ve read you’d think that these plants are impossible to grow!  Everything from over-watering, under-watering, over-fertilising, under-fertilising, too much or too little sun, pests and parasites, nematodes, root-rot, virii… And it seems that everyone reports the same vague symptoms for everything.

So I’ve taken a stab in the dark and I’m going to go with some sort of parasite and gave them a spray with Confidor.  If this turns out to be the solution, I’ll let the world know.  Otherwise if someone recognises the issue feel free to chime in and leave a comment!


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