Formula One Food – 2012 Wrap-up

Previously I have posted the odd recipe and mentioned that some of these dishes were part of my Formula One Food game.  But I haven’t really mentioned in any great detail what any of this was about.  So in heady anticipation of the 2013 Season starting in March, I’m doing a 2012 retrospective…

First, what is this all about?  Well the idea was to cook for a whole year in the style of cuisine of each host nation.  So on the night of each race I would eat food typical of that location.  This turned out to be both great fun because my girlfriend and I ended up eating cuisines that we otherwise probably wouldn’t have gone looking for recipes for, and quite a commitment because the races really sneak up on you.  It also ended up being a very sociable challenge because often it was a great excuse to have friends over for a meal, some drinks and to watch the race.  Indeed it converted a lot of people to Formula One, who were not previously into motorsport!

I only came up with the idea during the Australian Grand Prix, so the gallery of meals only commences from Round Two onwards…

Round 2 (Malaysia) – Beef Rendang

Malaysian GP Beef Rendang

Round 3 (China) – Pork Char Siu (Schumi doing some gardening)

Chinese GP pork char siu

Round 4 (Bahrain) – Machboos

Bahrain GP machboos

Round 5 (Spain) – Tortilla de Patatas with Chorizo and Goat’s Cheese Salad


Round 6 (Monaco) – Caviar, Cheeses, Antipasto

Monaco GP Well, it had to be caviar

Round 7 (Canada) – Salmon Burger with Habanero Guacamole

Canadian GP Salmon burger with smoked habanero gua

Round 8 (Europe) – Paella

European GP (Spain) - Paella

Round 9 (Great Britain) – Full English Breakfast (aka best dinner ever)

British GP full English breakfast (best dinner eve

Round 10 (Germany) – Schweinhaxen, Bockwurst, Semmelknodel, Sauerkraut

German GP schweinshaxen, sauerkraut, bockwurst, we

Round 11 (Hungary) – Goulash


Round 12 (Belgium) – Waffles

Belgian GP Waffles

Round 13 (Italy) – Pizza (before cooking)

Italian GP pizza

Round 14 (Singapore) – Singapore Noodles (yes, not authentic I know)


Round 15 (Japan) – Sashimi, Edomame, Miso, Giant Asahi

Japanese JP

Round 16 (Korea) – Bulgogi, Kimchi

Korean GP bulgogi, kimchi

Round 17 (India) – Curry

Indian GP - curry

Round 18 (Abu Dhabi) – Shawarma

Abu Dhabi GP Shawarma

Round 19 (United States) – Ribs

US GP Ribs

Round 20 (Brazil) – A night off from the cooking!


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