MIG Welder

September 8, 2011

So the CFC needs a new home on the brew frame, eh?  Sounds like I need a welder…

…oh yes, that’s right – I bought a second-hand one yesterday!  It’s a Cigweld Transmig 135 – does gas and gasless.  Clearly I’m no welder (yet?) but hopefully we can come to an amicable understanding…

3-Tier Brew Stand [Pt3] – Welding (ULCBP)

April 26, 2011

Dangerous Dave and his dad, Russ, kindly volunteered their time to help put the brew stand together.  After not-entirely successful weld tutorial from Russ, it was pretty clear that the stand wasn’t going to stumble into a three-dimensional existence at the hands of me and Dave.  Russ very generously offered himself as hired gun.

Despite battling every imaginable obstacle – driving rain, poor welding rods, too small a work surface, an unrealistic time allocation – the skeleton of a handsome brew stand emerged!

Yes, we finished very much in the dark…